It is required that you please read our Privacy Act Disclosure and Release Agreement prior to applying for any position.

Elevate Search Group – Disclosure and Release Agreement The use of personal information in Canadian commercial activities is now protected by federal legislation under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), or by provincial legislation that is "substantially similar". PIPEDA applies to both traditional, paper-based business as well as on-line commercial activities.

Privacy is a deeply-rooted, strongly-held public value. PIPEDA was enacted to alleviate consumer concerns about privacy and to allow Canada's business community to compete in the global digital economy. Organizations able to demonstrate their respect for, and protection of, personal information will gain a cutting edge on the competition. Complying with PIPEDA will build trust in the digital marketplace and create opportunities for Canadian businesses.

The purpose of this Act is to establish, in an era in which technology increasingly facilitates the circulation and exchange of information, rules to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal information in a manner that recognizes the right of privacy of individuals with respect to their personal information and the need of organizations to collect, use or disclose personal information for purposes that a reasonable person would consider appropriate in the circumstances. In order to build consumer trust and confidence in conducting e-business in Canada the Government of Canada is committed to establishing clear rules to protect the privacy of personal information in the new 'virtual' marketplace. This is being done through the implementation of Federal privacy legislation, and through development of a national policy on unsolicited consumer e-mail, otherwise know as SPAM.

  1. I will not disclose, or use for my personal gain or benefit, any information about Elevate Search Group (ELEVATE) or its Clients to any person, firm or corporation. I will treat all information and knowledge, however received, about the business and affairs of ELEVATE, and any ELEVATE Client with the strictest confidence.
  2. I confirm that the authenticity of the information provided in my resume and any corresponding application documentation is accurate. Upon my approval, I authorize ELEVATE to share any information obtained from reference checks, and details of my resume, with ELEVATE Clients or prospective Clients; I authorize ELEVATE to proceed with references once we have established an Offer of Employment may be forthcoming and is requested by a potential Client.
  3. I understand that my resume and contact information will be held in confidence within the ELEVATE database, and I may be contacted in the future (verbally, written, or electronic) with respect to new career opportunities, promotions, or updates with respect to my resume and/or contact information by a representative of ELEVATE.
  4. I am aware that at any time, there is no recruitment fee associated with my involvement with ELEVATE and that all fees associated within our professional relationship are incurred by the corporate Clients and prospective Clients of ELEVATE.
  5. I will not at any time pro-actively invite, consider, or accept any offer of employment made to me by a Client of ELEVATE to whom I have been referred, either verbally, written, or electronic, without prior approval from ELEVATE.
  6. I agree to disclose whether I have been previously presented to the same Client, with respect to the same opportunity, by another placement agency.
  7. I agree, that when presented with an offer of employment through ELEVATE, I will ensure that the written offer accurately reflects my understanding of the position through all representations made by the Client and ELEVATE. In other words, by signing and accepting the written offer, I will ensure that there are no representations, besides those contained in the offer, on which I am relying in accepting the offer. Any legal matters regarding an offer or employment or employment contract are to be managed and dealt with the Client/Company and there will be no legal liability to ELEVATE at any time.
  8. I understand that ELEVATE is looking after my best interests regarding career opportunities and will attempt to ensure suitability for all careers presented. ELEVATE assumes no liability for the terms and conditions of any job offer that I accept through ELEVATE efforts.
  9. This agreement does not restrict me from pursuing other options to search for employment or utilizing the services of other placement agencies to assist me in my search for employment.
  10. I hereby confirm that I have a valid Social Insurance Number (S.I.N), a current and valid Canadian Driver’s License, and that I am eligible to be employed in Canada. I will provide proof of status or record if required by ELEVATE or their Clients.
  11. I do permit ELEVATE to contact me via phone, email, text messaging, or other communication means, regarding industry updates, receipt of the Elevate Newsletter, and my status regarding career opportunities.

I confirm that I have read, reviewed, and fully understand this Agreement. In signing this Agreement, I confirm that I agree to accept all of the terms and conditions outlined above.
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