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    Elevate Search Group realizes that when searching for a new career, a lot of time and resources are required. The effort you put into your career search will ultimately decide the end result. Elevate Search Group offers the following services in order to assist you with this process such as the development of an effective Resume, Cover Letter or Thank you letter.

    Resume writing is a sales and marketing tool. It is critical in controlling the initial image you want to present to potential employers. Your resume is the initial screening process which determines whether or not you will receive a preliminary interview with a perspective client and it should summarize and emphasize the key elements which companies are looking for.

    If you are committed to taking the necessary steps to improve the marketing of your career, please contact us directly. We will work with you to create your Career Marketing Plan which will display your skills and expertise and presents you as a catalyst in the market.

    Our commitment to you as a candidate is to assist with the advancement of your career in the "right direction" and to look at ways to improve your marketability. This will enable you to gain some insight into current market conditions, gain a better perspective about what corporations are expecting of you in the interview process, review, analyze, and assess aspects of your current career, and provide some guidance as it relates to resume, interview preparation, recruitment options, and marketing your “personal brand” to the market. The Elevate Search Group Team provides this level of service for all leadership and non-leadership professionals within sales, marketing, operations, human resources, and supply-chain who are serious about making a commitment to their career.

    Have any questions about our Career Marketing Plan and what we have to offer you?

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  • Client Services


    Elevate Search Group is a market-leading, boutique search firm that is recognized for it's ethics, integrity, and trust. Our focus is to help companies identify, recruit, and retain top-tiered leadership and non-leadership career professionals within business development, sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, and human resources. Our client profiles range from locally owned-independent small business to global Fortune 500 companies. We understand and embrace the challenges facing companies in order to modify their business solutions to reflect the necessary changes in today’s economic climate. At Elevate Search Group, we instill creative change and adapt to our clients, candidates, and partners needs. With our office located in Vancouver, BC and recognized and reputable partners throughout Canada, we are able to ensure that all of your search and recruitment/employment needs are satisfied.

    As your professional recruitment & executive search consultants, we offer:

    • Our 100% commitment and guarantee of our success with ensuring your company access to the level of candidate you are seeking.
    • Flexible and creative business solutions to accommodate your recruitment strategy & process.
    • Validation of the quality of candidate you are seeking.
    • Extensive and direct experience within the recruitment industry within your region.
    • Credibility by having previous career & recruitment experience within the areas of industry that we represent.

    What makes us unique from other employment agencies? Our passion for the business and a pro-active approach to recruiting has earned us the reputation as the most reliable, results oriented and professional recruitment firm in Canada.

    Integrity, ethics, credibility, diversification, adaptability, passion, commitment, assertiveness, and leadership are all contributing factors on how we make a difference. Whether you are a candidate seeking a new employment opportunity or challenge, someone looking to further develop their interview skills and resume, or a potential client requiring our search services, Elevate Search Group has the capacity to manage all of your needs.


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  • “Your approach with preparing candidates for interviews is second to none....your coaching, motivating, and mentoring was calming and most of all kept me focused on the prize!”

    – Candidate placed with Global Industrial Supply Company

  • “Thank you for time and assistance during our search for a CFO. Your team was able to find the impossible....”

    - Client, Information Technology

  • “You and your company are wonderful to work with, and certainly put in the extra effort to find the right candidates to put forward. I will be happy to recommend Elevate at any time.”

    - Client, Digital Media


Embrace change and take ownership of your career.
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We often work on confidential searches and many of our leadership and non-leadership careers are not posted publicly. Registering with Elevate Search Group enables you to have access to career opportunities not advertised on the open market.

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People. Solutions. Culture. Results.

Elevate Search Group collaborates and partners with companies to identify, recruit, and retain top-tiered professionals within all levels of leadership and non-leadership careers within business development, sales, marketing, operations, human resource, and supply chain management.

Elevate Search Group is a Vancouver, BC based search firm with National coverage and is committed to understanding your recruitment strategy, and believes in the importance of being able to partner with an organization that shares similar corporate values and philosophy. From a delivery standpoint, our objective is to provide our clients access to the most qualified and top-performing professionals within the business community as it relates to their specific strategy.

What makes us unique from other employment agencies? Our passion for the business and a proactive approach to recruiting has earned us the reputation as the most reliable, results oriented and professional recruitment firm in Canada.

Whether you are a candidate seeking a new employment opportunity or challenge, someone looking to further develop their interview skills and resume, or a potential client requiring our search services, Elevate Search Group has the capacity to manage all of your needs

Elevate Search Group continues to research and explore new and exciting industries of interest to represent.

The following outlines our primary sectors of interest:

  • Telecommunications
  • Information Technology
  • High-Tech
  • Green Tech
  • Software-Hardware
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Packaging
  • Consumer Products
  • Food Service/Beverage
  • Hospitality/Tourism
  • Retail
  • Business-to-Business
  • Financial Services
  • Non-Profit
  • First Nation

Meet The Team

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    As President of Elevate Search Group, Allan Welyk has a history of successful business experiences by bringing a unique blend of entrepreneurial and traditional practices. Anyone who has worked with him understands his passion for the industry and his appreciation for a higher standard of integrity, ethics, and corporate values.

    Allan is an accomplished professional, understands local-market diversification and trends, is creative, business savvy, immerses himself within people & culture trends, and has an established rapport with senior-level decision makers in all industries of interest and markets.

    In addition to his 20 years of recruitment and executive search experience, Elevate Search Group has a long tradition of supporting a diversified portfolio of Non-Profit interests including local and global initiatives.


    Andrea Murdock is an exemplary administrator, client manager, researcher, volunteer, organizer, award-winning professional speaker, accomplished trainer, Ironman Champion, and successful small business owner. She offers 5 years of experience within the retained and contingency search sector and is recognized for her methodical approach to the search process, which has resulted in the successful recruitment of candidates in local, national and international markets.


    Every year we partner with local Universities to work with business students and assist our team. Their ability to connect Elevate to other business outlets through social media has been an asset to the company, enabling us to further network with new clients, candidates, and stakeholders.


    Elevate Search Group has established a qualified group of industry professionals who compliment our research, business development, and sourcing efforts. This includes individuals from all segments of business and disciplines.

    Contact our team on how you can find out more about our Consulting Partners and if you'd like to join the team!

  • “I greatly appreciate Elevate's attention to this process and your consultant's dedication to keeping me up to date. The professionalism displayed has been exemplary, and ensures my trust in the process. Thank you again for keeping me in the loop, and I look forward to continuing to work with your team.”

    – Candidate, Luxury Goods

  • “Thank you so much! Words can't express how excited and happy I am. You have been a great asset and help in securing this job for me, and I am forever grateful.”

    – Candidate, Non Profit

  • “I have to say that the committee has been very impressed with the candidates. The candidates are clearly a "step above" our previous candidates from another provider....you and your team are doing a great job...so thank you!”

    – Client, Non Profit


Press Releases & Articles

Welcome to our blog! Everything you need...and will want, from industry experts in the recruitment and search business in Canada.

Elevate Search Group's blog is an up-to-date resource for the latest on what is trending! Employers and Candidates will have access to industry insights, recruitment/interview advice, and share our philosophy and experiences.

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